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We all need a little therapy

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Brand new thinking from a brand new concept in consumer behaviour and advertising. brandtrain is the first Consumer Psychology integrated advertising and marketing agency in the UK.

Just to cut to the chase, we’ve come up with
three compelling reasons why you need to work with us.

One We are a team of very experienced and talented professionals with a tonne of experience with local, national and international brands. Our depth of knowledge and experience is something you simply can’t shortcut your way to – and our clients love our insight and creativity.

Two We have a very unique offer. They all say that though don’t they? But we really do. Quite apart from award winning creative and proven strategic thinking, we’ve also integrated behavioural economics and consumer psychology into our agency. Understanding consumer behaviour and modifying it is a very powerful tool that other agencies play about with – but we actually have real Consumer Psychologists in our team.

Three One for your financial director really. We’re based on the border of the north of England and Wales. It doesn’t stop us from dealing with clients all over the UK and the world. However it does stop us from having to charge massive fees to cover our overheads. It’s win win – we get to live in a lovely part of the world and you get to enjoy that reflected in our fee structure.

There you go, three reasons why you should talk to a truly unique agency like ours.

Welcome aboard brandtrain!

There’s an old saying in advertising that goes something like this:

“Half of all marketing budgets are wasted, the only problem is, nobody knows which half.”

Our consumer psychologists have a saying too:

“Why guess, when there are proven theories you can apply?”